Bundle Pricing

With 4 years of online shipping experience, we've seen the trends and done the
math. These bundles represent the most efficient ways to ship - and therefore the
greatest ways for you to save some money!
3 Gold Tin Candles for $36 (Save $6)*
2 Wood Wick Candles for $46 (Save $6)**
Buy 1 Reed Diffuser get 1 50% off
Buy 3 Wax Melts, get 1 Free

Why Bundle?

After pouring over shipping pricing tables, we know that there are ideal minimums
for shipments. For example, it costs us the same to ship 1 wood wick candle
as it does to ship 2
, so why not pass that savings onto the customer?
* more than 4 gold tin candles will get $2 off per candle
**more than 3 wood wick candles will get $3 off per candle