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DISCONTINUED- Blood Orange Refill - Gold Tin

DISCONTINUED- Blood Orange Refill - Gold Tin

Bergamot - Grapefruit - Orange - Green Leaves - Cedar

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Rendering loop-subscriptions
Rendering loop-subscriptions

This scent is being discontinued. Please enjoy a discounted price until stock runs out.

"wow I literally salivated from smelling that."

-customer quote

A tangy mix of orange and grapefruit balanced with musky greens and cedar. Blood Orange was one of the first candles we ever made, and it continues to be a best seller. It's liked even by folks who don't do citrus! It's our go to candle to cover up bad smells.

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  • Clean Out Jar

    After you've burned you previous candle, put the tin in the freezer for a few hours. You should be able to press a finger on the bottom of the tin and the wax will pop right out. You can always use a spoon wrapped in paper towel to break the wax apart for easier extraction.

  • Insert Refill

    Unwrap your "naked" candle refill, and plop it in the tin.

  • Light and Enjoy

    Because of the unique shape of our gold tins, the melted wax will fall into the bottom of the candle after it has been lit for a few hours. The flame will briefly become larger, then shrink to normal size once the wax has leveled out.