Hand-Poured With Love

By Rachel!

Rosmarino Candles began after Rachel drank a bottle of wine and thought "I can probably make candles?" After a few years she had mastered the craft and was making candles daily to sooth her anxiety... and had many extra candles to give away. Once the requests started coming in for more, it organically became a full-time business.

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We're Plastic Free

No detail unconsidered - from our labels to our packing supplies - there is no plastic content.

Plus - all items can be either recycled or composted, no landfill needed.

The Big Information Blog

One of my most common questions is “what’s the point of wood wicks?” Or if the person I’m speaking to is particularly crass, “so what...
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teeheeheehee. Ok, what? Some people might complain that their candle doesn’t smell strong enough, or it’s overpowering the room. The ratio of scent oil to...
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For some it’s just another marketing buzzword. For us, it’s a business model. Here’s what we do to help.
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