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The Candle of the Month Club Subscription

For over 5 years I've been creating a new scent once a month for my subscription box!

Our subscription is the most popular item in our entire shop. Folks love getting something new every month to light in their home or office.
Cancel or skip a month any time. Available in 4 sizes
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For bathrooms, offices

Our Gold Tin candles are perfect for filling a small space with fragrance.

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For bedrooms, small living rooms or kitchens

Our wood wicks are perfect for filling a bedroom or non open concept kitchen or living room with fragrance. For open concept, buy 2.

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For your Car

Our plastic free and biodegradable car fragrances are the perfect alternative to those gas station trees - elevate your ride.

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For a Flame Free Option

Wax melts are perfect for when you have restrictions on open flames, or mischievous cats (and kids). 

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Refills Made Easy

No need to return your jars - just buy a "naked" candle to insert into your