About Us

about us

Rosmarino Candles began after one woman drank a bottle of wine and decided she was tired of paying for expensive candles that would burn out in a single night. We’ve come a long way from making candles for fun in the attic during grad school…

Rachel has been hustling and improving since launching in 2017. While products have improved, grown, or otherwise changed, her core values in candle making have remained the same…


our core values

long lasting

No candle you invest your hard earned money in should burn out in a single night. Our signature 9.5 oz Wood Wick Candle burns for 60 hours, and even our tiny tins burn for 25 hours! We use a tried and tested blend of soy waxes and exact ratio of wax to oil to produce a long lasting, slow burn.

high quality, strong, non-toxic scents

All of our fragrance oils are tested and produced by experts who we vet. They adhere to stringent safety regulations put forth by RIFM and IFRA. Furthermore, we refuse to use oils with phthalates or any California Prop 65 ingredients (carcinogens, etc).


This is a big one. When the company was started, Rachel didn’t want to just become another drain on the planet. Our entire company, from ingredients to packaging to the candle production process, is guided by what is best for Planet Earth. You won’t find any plastic in our products or packaging.


In this day and age, taste in appearance is just as important as smell when it comes to candles. we believe that a candle vessel shouldn’t be overshadowed by branding and labels, which is why our labels are minimalist and trendy. We spend a lot of time on Pinterest.

slow and diligent wins the race

Although companies like Amazon have changed the general expectation on when to expect an online delivery, we believe that good things take time. We focus on producing the best and most beautiful candles, which can only happen in small batches made to order.


How do you put inclusivity in a candle? Sure it’s not the same as a clothing company making sizes for all bodies, or perfumeries being inclusive of all gender identities, but it’s still important. We use our social justice values to guide our material sourcing. We work with suppliers who support living wages, causes like Black Lives Matter, and who put their money where their mouth is.

meet rachel

  • Currently resides in Bloomington, IN

  • Married to an Italian Stallion aka IRL 90 Day Fiance of 6 years and mom to darling Pitty/German Shepherd, Lilly

  • Night owl who only drinks sparkly water, coffee, and wine

  • ENFP (but also INFP), 3w4 Enneagram

  • Puts the B in LGBTQIA+

  • Lover of weird history

  • Has a MA in Musicology and spends free time researching big historical music copyright cases…nerd.

Chief Snuggle Officer, Lilly

We’d be nothing without our sniffer in chief. Whether she’s making herself the center of a product shoot, or booping my elbow to get me to play, she’s an important member of the team, and a very good girl.