Size Matters

Size Matters


Ok, what?

Some people might complain that their candle doesn’t smell strong enough, or it’s overpowering the room. The ratio of scent oil to wax is the same in all sizes of our candles, so the size of the candle determines how “strong” the scent is.

Room Recommendations

To get the most out of your candle, consider your space before you buy. Bathrooms need smaller candles than an open concept living/kitchen space. Like it strong? Get the big candle for a small space. Need it mild? Small candle, big space.

4 oz Gold Tin Candle

Great for bathrooms, smaller bedrooms, offices.

9.5 oz Wood Wick Candle

Great for living rooms, larger bedrooms, kitchens.

Reed Diffusers

These are really mild, you only smell them when you are near. I love them in entryways, bathrooms, and closets.

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