Choosing the Right Size

at 3-4 burns per week, you'll finish a wood wick candle in 1 month.


Choosing the right candle for your home isn't just about price. Each of our candle and flameless products serves a unique purpose for the room and mood.

Comparing our Offerings:

Gold Tin Candles fill a smaller room such as a home office, bathroom, small bedroom

  • 4 oz net weight
  • 20+ Hour Burn
  • 1.95" Tall
  • 2.75" Depth

Wood Wick Candles fill medium and large rooms such as a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or entire NYC apartment.

  • 9.5 oz net weight
  • Burns 60 Hours
  • 3.95" Tall
  • 3" Diameter

Reed Diffusers are much more mild than a candle, but their scent is constant. They make great additions to small spaces, especially bathrooms, entryways, closets, or on a coffee table/nightstand.

  • 3 oz liquid and 10 reeds
  • lasts 4-5 months
  • reeds are 10" in height

Pillar Candles are a zero waste option for candle burning! Made from a harder soy wax, these candles burn independently from containers, making them a colorful eco friendly option.

  • Available in 3.25"x3.25" (12 oz, 50 hr burn) and 6.25"x3.25" (23 oz. 100 hr burn)
  • Fills a medium room, or burn multiple to fill a larger space
  • Doesn't require a container, but put a plate underneath to be safe.

Wax Melts are a flameless alternative which produces a strong smell like a candle. Requires an electric wax melter (we don't have any for sale, but you can find them literally anywhere)

  • 2.75 oz of wax
  • Each cube lasts roughly 10 hours
  • 6 cubes per container
  • Scent throw depends on wax melter and amount of cubes used (more cubes and larger diameter, stronger scent)