Scent Descriptions


Bad Bitch

Fresh Cracked Peppercorn - Rosewood - Cedar - Patchouli - Sandalwood
Primarily rose, this candle is floral forward but also very spicy with its
peppercorn notes.


Blood Orange

Bergamot - Grapefruit - Orange - Green Leaves - Neroli - Cedar
A mix of citrusy orange and grapefruit balanced with musky greens and cedar.
Blood Orange was one of the first candles we ever made, and it continues to be
a best seller.



Fancy Shampoo

Cedar - Bay Leaf - Tobacco - Citrus - Warm Musk - Sandalwood
Leaning back into that shampoo bowl at the salon, knowing they’re about to use
some ritzy shampoo you’ll never purchase for your own use, and trying to hold
off on showering for days after to keep that smell.

Fresh Ass Lavender

Lavender Sprigs - Bergamot - Camphor - Eucalyptus - Cedar
Lavender is my favorite smell, but boy howdy can it be messed up. I’ve always
hated a soapy lavender, or vaginal cleansing nonsense product lavender. Or
lavender household cleaning product. This smell is just the freshest sprigs
plucked straight from the meadow. Bugs not included.

Ginger Saffron

Ginger – Lemon – Saffron – Olive Oil - Musk
Equal parts spicy and smooth, this is the smell that hits you when walk into the
kitchen of someone who knows how to cook.

Iced Coffee

Coffee Beans - Warm Espresso – Crema - Cacao
Many coffee candles have notes of hazelnut or vanilla, to which we say, gross.
Just give me that luxurious coffee smell. Over ice.

Lemongrass Coconut

Lemongrass - Rum – Lime – Coconut – Vanilla - Ozone - Musk
Is it a cocktail? Is it a spa candle? Who needs to put a label on something that’s
just plain good! Fruity lemongrass balanced out with rich coconut and topped off
with a hint of booze.


Peach Nectar - Lemon - Orange - Prosecco - Apricot - Mango - Musk
Once upon a time, Mimosa was my best selling scent. Then the manufacturer of
the fragrance discontinued it, and we were all sad. But! Some years later, I
pulled some strings and now…Mimosa is available again.

Moonlit Desert Breeze

Palo Santo – Lavender - Clove - Patchouli - Vanilla Amber - Olibanum
A hit in last year’s candle of the month club, this is a musky woodsy blend that
has LEVELS. Complex and relaxing. VERY musk, VERY alluring.


Mountain Air

Pinecone - Birch Tree - Eucalyptus - Cypress - Mint
Some people think pine scents are for the holidays, I think those people are
wrong. This reminds me of growing up in Colorado, fresh mountain air of pine
needles and ozone, balanced out with eucalyptus for a fresh, green, year-round


Oakmoss & Amber

Oakmoss - Amber - Tonka Bean - Orange - Grapefruit - Lavender
Our longest best seller- often called the “cute boy” candle, is musky perfection.
Whether it reminds you of boy soap of a wet day in the outdoors, this candle is
objectively great.

Orchid & Sea Salt

Sea Salt - Ozone - Jasmine - Lily Of The Valley - Green Leaves - Woods
A laid back floral, this scent is reminiscent of a spa, beach house, or a fancy
bathroom. A best seller, it’s the most loved by most noses.

Peppermint Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus - Peppermint – Cedar – Clove – Patchouli – Vanilla - Powder
Our resident minty candle, Peppermint Eucalyptus is more akin to a spa scent
than a sweet candy-cane type of peppermint. Equal parts relaxing and
refreshing, this candle is perfect after a long day.



Sage - Pine – Eucalyptus – Rosemary – Greenery – Florals
Our namesake goes far beyond the smell of rosemary. It blends fresh green
herbs into a relaxing and invigorating blend.

Sexy Time.

Sea Salt – Ozone – Plum - Cardamom – Amber - Dark Musk
Come for the name, stay for the smell. The name on this candle’s lips is
OZONE, but it has some plum and amber to it too. Very cleansing, very mood
setting, very sexy.


Agave – Clover - Fresh Cut Grass – Oakmoss – Aloe – Apple – Ozone - Sea Salt
Fresh greens and powdery ozone make this scent a fan favorite and best seller.
Smells like your hands after you prune a succulent or your pants after you mow
the lawn.


Tea & Milk & Honey

Jasmine - Black Currant - Red Currant – Tonka – Amber - Black Tea - Anise
The warm and inviting smell of the tea you probably forgot about in the kitchen,
with warm honey and cream notes. Tea & Milk & Honey (formerly known as
Black Tea) was one of the first candles we ever made, and it continues to be a
best seller.

Tobacco & Vanilla

Bergamot – Honey – Coriander – Vanilla – Musk - Tobacco Leaves - Oud
While we tend to associate tobacco with cigarettes and casinos, tobacco leaf is
actually quite sweet. This blend of tobacco leaf and vanilla is a staple of many
candle lines, and ours continues to surprise folks with how good it smells.

Tomato Stem

Tomato Leaf - Lemon Peel – Lemongrass - Basil - Thyme - Green Leaves - Moss
Back by popular demand! This candle smells like the real thing- walk through a
tomato garden, pluck some basil…or just light this candle. No bugs!