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Moonlit Desert Breeze Tealight Sample

Moonlit Desert Breeze Tealight Sample

Palo Santo - Clove - Patchouli - Vanilla - Sandalwood

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"This is the smell that wafts off a mysterious woman selling crystals"

-customer quote

Have you ever walked into a hippie shop and gotten hit by a wall of smell? Well imagine that but in a controlled and spa like way. It's musky and woody with a breath of fresh air, a sandalwood lover's dream. It's a bunch of "base" fragrance notes mixed together, so there are levels to the smell that evolve overtime.
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  • Get a Taste

    No one wants to dive into a full size candle before trying it out! These .5 oz candles are perfect for sampling our candle line. Like our candle line, these are 100% soy wax and IFRA/RIFM certified safe Fragrances. Burn time is roughly 3 hours.

  • Tips for Use

    These tiny candles are NOT designed to fill a room. If you light it and think to yourself "this isn't very strong," that's because it's so small! To smell, light the candle, wait a few minutes for wax to melt, and gently waft the air towards your face to test the fragrance.