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"One of Each" Tealight Sampler

"One of Each" Tealight Sampler

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    Bundle and Save

    Bundling and getting all tealights together saves you 40%!

    "Scratch" n Sniff

    Selling candles over the internet is…. challenging. Once it’s possible to smell through your computer we’re gonna get on that technology, but in the meantime, explore our scents through little tealight samples!

    One of each

    You’ll receive 16 tealights of our current fragrances, to burn and sniff. The tealights come with a guide to tell you more about each scent with fun facts about your nose.

    Tealights included:

    Year Round:

    Bamboo - Camphor- Marine - Vetiver - Dark Musk

    Ginger Saffron:
    Ginger - Lemongrass - Saffron - Olive Oil - Musk

    Haunted Fog:
    Geranium - Raspberry - Violet - Rose - Saffron

    Moonlit Desert Breeze:
    Palo Santo - Clove - Patchouli - Vanilla - Sandalwood

    Orchid & Sea Salt:
    Sea Salt - Ozone - Jasmine - Lily Of The Valley - Green Leaves 

    Sage - Pine - Eucalyptus - Rosemary - Cedar

    Sexy Time.:
    Sea Salt - Ozone - Plum - Cardamom - Amber 

    Aloe - Clover - Fresh Cut Grass - Agave -  Apple

    Tea & Milk & Honey:
    Black Currant - Tea Leaves - Jasmine - Tonka - Anise

    Fall & Holiday

    Crispy Little Marshmallow:
    Marshmallow - Smoke - Ozone - Eucalyptus - Oak

    Equinox Daze:
    Cardamom - Cream - Peppercorn - Chestnut - Cinnamon

    Crunchy Leaves:
    Apple - Berry - Pecan - Cedar - Green Leaves

    Toasted Pumpkin:
    Pumpkin - Cinnamon - Nutmeg - Clove - Buttercream

    Mountain Air:
    Pinecone - Birch Tree - Eucalyptus - Cypress - Mint

    Mulled Wine:
    Orange Peel - Cinnamon- Apple Cider - Cranberry - Red Wine

    Twinkly Lights:
    Juniper - Ozone - Pine - Red Currant - Pear 

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    • Get a Taste

      No one wants to dive into a full size candle before trying it out! These .5 oz candles are perfect for sampling our candle line. Like our candle line, these are 100% soy wax and IFRA/RIFM certified safe Fragrances. Burn time is roughly 3 hours.

    • Tips for Use

      These tiny candles are NOT designed to fill a room. If you light it and think to yourself "this isn't very strong," that's because it's so small! To smell, light the candle, wait a few minutes for wax to melt, and gently waft the air towards your face to test the fragrance.